Matt Riddle exhausted his opportunities in WWE


Matt Riddle exhausted his opportunities in WWE
Matt Riddle exhausted his opportunities in WWE © WWE/Youtube

The wrestling world was rocked on September 21st when several pivotal members, including Matt Riddle, announced their departure from WWE. This wave of exits comes just a fortnight after the sports entertainment behemoth was acquired by the media juggernaut, Endeavor.

Riddle, whose on-screen charisma often matched his in-ring prowess, joins an expanding list of prominent WWE figures heading for the exit. This list includes the seasoned Dolph Ziggler, a former World Heavyweight Champion; the versatile Shelton Benjamin; and the dynamic Dana Brooke.

But the circumstances surrounding Riddle's departure have led many to believe there's more to the story than a simple contract release. Insightful reports from Fightful Select, a trusted source in the wrestling news circuit, suggest that Riddle's absence from WWE programming wasn’t just sudden, but deliberate.

It was noted that Riddle was conspicuously missing backstage during WWE events and was not slated to make an appearance on the flagship show, Raw, on September 18th.

Riddle's Controversial Allegations

Adding another layer to this unfolding drama is Riddle's recent controversial claim.

The former US Champion brought to light a disturbing incident where he alleges he was s*xually assaulted by an officer at JFK Airport's Port Authority. Following this revelation, there were counter-claims suggesting that Riddle might have exhibited unruly behavior, prompting an interaction with the officers.

The Port Authority is actively investigating the veracity of these allegations, promising a thorough probe. Amidst this whirlwind of events, sources from within WWE shed light on the professional dynamics that might have influenced Riddle's departure.

A top executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity, expressed that Riddle had "burned through too many chances" during his stint with the company, suggesting potential internal conflicts. As the sports entertainment industry grapples with these high-profile departures and the WWE embarks on its new journey with Endeavor, fans and analysts are keenly watching for the next twist in this tale.

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