Lola Vice's WrestleMania Hesitation Explained

Discovering talent beyond the ring: WWE's keen eye.

by Atia Mukhtar
Lola Vice's WrestleMania Hesitation Explained
© Revelleution/YouTube

Lola Vice, a prominent figure in WWE's NXT, has made a seamless transition from the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to professional wrestling. The former MMA fighter was recently invited by WWE to be part of the grandeur of WrestleMania 38.

However, in an intimate conversation with "Busted Open Radio," she candidly shared her initial reluctance to attend the prestigious event. "It wasn't an instant 'yes' for me," Vice admitted. "The very idea of being at WrestleMania was overwhelming.

Deep down, I sensed that once I set foot in that ambiance, there would be no turning back." Her instincts proved accurate. "The moment I was there, interacting with legends like Triple H and witnessing the sheer magnitude of the WWE production, I felt a familiar thrill – much like the first time I was introduced to MMA.

It dawned on me that this was the next chapter waiting to be written in my story."

Vice's WWE Revelation

Vice's association with WWE wasn't a mere twist of fate. Her viral knockout in the MMA circuit likely put her on WWE's radar.

Yet, what might have truly intrigued WWE was her knack for personal branding. "Throughout my MMA career, I was conscious of building an identity. From designing coordinated outfits for my corner men to crafting a distinct persona, I wanted to be more than just a fighter," she reflected.

"Perhaps WWE saw that. They recognized not just an MMA athlete in me, but an innate entertainer." In hindsight, Vice's decision to embrace the world of wrestling appears to be a harmonious confluence of her passions and WWE's vision.

With her heart deeply rooted in entertainment, it seems the squared circle was always Vice's destined stage. And now, as she continues to craft her wrestling journey, the industry awaits her next iconic moment.