Emma Expresses Hopefulness After Recent WWE Departure: 'My Moment Has Yet to Come'

Emma shares insights on her recent WWE journey.

by Noman Rasool
Emma Expresses Hopefulness After Recent WWE Departure: 'My Moment Has Yet to Come'
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Emma, the acclaimed Australian wrestling sensation, made a much-anticipated return to WWE last October. Despite the buzz surrounding her comeback, her tenure with the global wrestling conglomerate spanned less than a year and needed more monumental highlights than fans had hoped.

Nevertheless, Emma remains undeterred in her enthusiasm for the sport and is cherishing the positive takeaways from her latest WWE stint. In a heartfelt note shared on platform X, Emma extended her gratitude to the legion of fans and fellow wrestlers who inundated her with supportive messages and comments.

Interestingly, she revealed her lack of surprise upon discovering her name among the recent WWE exits. Emma had envisioned this return as an avenue to unveil a refreshed, multifaceted side of her wrestling persona to her fans.

While she may not have been afforded that opportunity, she's reconciled with the outcome.

Emma's WWE Reflections

Emma recalled her emotions, " Upon re-entry into WWE, the passion was palpable. I was geared up to pour my soul into the ring, eager to achieve what had previously eluded me.

But, soon enough, it dawned upon me that perhaps this wasn't the destined chapter for such moments. And you know what? I've come to terms with that. The allure of wrestling at a grand stadium event in my homeland? Irresistible.

Yet, as one door closes, numerous others have flung open, shimmering with promise." One silver lining from her WWE journey was the serendipitous meeting with her now-fiancé, Riddick Moss, who, coincidentally, parted ways with WWE in the same week.

Emma fondly reflected, "Our shared experience in WWE kindled our romance and set the foundation for the wondrous life we're weaving together. Now, my days are enriched with more family moments, deeper connections with friends, and a renewed focus on life's true treasures." With her gaze firmly set on the horizon, Emma envisions a future filled with travels, promising to take her loyal fans along on her adventures.

It's worth noting that during her brief re-engagement with WWE, Emma graced the ring for a handful of televised matches. Her swan song was against Shayna Baszler in a "WWE Raw" episode on July 10, a game that regrettably concluded in less than two minutes.