The Miz Gives a Nod to Ex-WWE Star Who 'Consistently Elevated My Game'

A heartfelt farewell sparks reflection on wrestling rivalries.

by Noman Rasool
The Miz Gives a Nod to Ex-WWE Star Who 'Consistently Elevated My Game'
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In the annals of WWE history, few rivalries shine as brightly as that between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. These two superstars, both hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, began their journeys in the mid-2000s and went on to redefine their legacies within the company.

Initially entering the scene without fanfare of high expectations, both wrestlers shattered glass ceilings to clinch Grand Slam Champion titles, proving critics and naysayers wrong. The Miz and Ziggler consistently showcased their remarkable in-ring chemistry throughout the last decade, delivering masterclass bouts that often stole the show.

One standout moment was their riveting "Title vs. Career" match at No Mercy in 2016, a contest that's etched in the memories of WWE fans. Another iconic duel took place on "WWE Raw" in September 2014, further solidifying their status as two of the finest wrestlers of their generation.

Miz Honors Ziggler's Legacy

After the recent news of Ziggler's departure from WWE, The Miz took to his Instagram to share a touching tribute to the man he often refers to as his greatest adversary. "The No Mercy match against @heelziggler is, undoubtedly, one of the high points of my career," Miz expressed.

"The journey to that match was unforgettable. Whenever Dolph and I faced off, he extracted my best version. I wonder if I've squared off against anyone as often as I have against him. Those memories are irreplaceable, and I'm eager to witness the next chapter of his journey." A deep dive into their professional confrontations, courtesy of CageMatch, reveals that these two warriors clashed in an impressive 23 singles matches on WWE broadcasts.

Their first encounter dates back to a "WWE Main Event" episode in November 2012, culminating with their final contest on "Raw" in December 2019. With Ziggler leading with 13 victories to Miz's 10, the latter secured the wins in their last three face-offs, including a memorable TLC match in December 2016.

Ziggler's departure from WWE after a commendable 19-year tenure prompted other WWE luminaries, including John Cena, Trinity Fatu, Matt Cardona, and Big E, to join The Miz in pouring out their heartfelt tributes to "The Showoff." His legacy in wrestling remains indelible as fans await the next step in his illustrious career.

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