Valkyrie Shares Insights on NXT Journey and Compares AEW Ambience

Navigating NXT, Valkyrie draws parallels to a classic tale.

by Noman Rasool
Valkyrie Shares Insights on NXT Journey and Compares AEW Ambience
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In a recent episode of "AEW Unrestricted," professional wrestler Taya Valkyrie candidly discussed her brief tenure in "WWE NXT." Among the many points she touched on, changing her name stood out as a significant challenge for her and her fans.

"Adapting to change is a complex endeavour," remarked Valkyrie, "and it becomes doubly challenging when people have become familiar with a certain persona. Despite the obstacles, I was given an opportunity and did my utmost to leverage it.

I joined NXT during a tumultuous period, both for the organization and the world at large. In hindsight, I feel I wasn't provided with an equitable shot. However, I treasure those fleeting moments of joy and enthusiasm."

Valkyrie's NXT Odyssey

She reflected on her NXT days, recalling, "I once told John at the outset of my journey that stepping into NXT felt like Charlie's inaugural visit to Willy Wonka's magical factory.

I even bought the famed 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book to encapsulate that feeling. I knew that not every day would be a bed of roses. And true to that apprehension, there were challenging times. But my resolve was unshaken.

I constantly endeavoured to reintroduce myself to the audience and reinstated my essence with fierce determination." On her transition to AEW, Valkyrie had nothing but praise, particularly for the welcoming ambience of the locker room.

"The sense of acceptance and optimism here is palpable," she noted. "In contrast to some of my past experiences, where, unfortunately, not everyone wished you well, AEW is refreshingly different." Valkyrie had particular words for AEW President Tony Khan.

His cheerful demeanour has been a beacon for her, especially juxtaposed against past experiences where she felt some were waiting for her to falter. In AEW, she feels authentic and appreciated. Valkyrie expressed her enthusiasm about her current role, saying, "These first few months in AEW have been transformative for me.

I sense I've only begun to explore the depth of opportunities here. The future appears promising, and I am ready for the journey ahead."

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