X-Pac's Sean Waltman Discusses His Reasons for Switching from WWE to WCW

Sean Waltman opens up about his wrestling journey.

by Noman Rasool
X-Pac's Sean Waltman Discusses His Reasons for Switching from WWE to WCW

Sean Waltman, widely recognized in professional wrestling, acknowledges a pivotal turn in his career with WWE back in 1993. This change of direction may have been influenced by the unfolding steroid scandal at the time, prompting WWE to put their trust in wrestlers like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, shifting away from their inclination towards larger-than-life personas.

Waltman swiftly demonstrated his prowess by bagging a surprise win against Razor Ramon in only his third bout, delivering an impeccable performance against Bret Hart and subsequently triumphing over iconic names like Ted DiBiase and Bob Backlund.

It became evident that WWE's top echelons had high hopes for Waltman, who himself had never envisioned a need to explore arenas beyond WWE. However, the narrative began to shift during the mid-1990s. WCW commenced a formidable recruitment strategy, drawing in WWE's top-tier talent.

This changing landscape forced Waltman to evaluate his standing within the WWE roster. By 1996, he felt he had reached the zenith of his potential there.

Waltman's WCW Evolution

Diving deeper into his transition during an interview with the "Insight" podcast, Waltman offered a candid perspective.

He believed that, given his then-character "1-2-3 Kid," he wouldn't have been in the running for the WWE Championship. "I felt an inherent need to venture into WCW," Waltman expressed. "There's this unspoken reality in the wrestling business.

Altering that image becomes a Herculean task once you're perceived in a particular mould. My move to WCW wasn't merely about a change of environment but about transformation. And being part of the NWO was a testament to my evolution." Upon his return to WWE in 1998, Waltman's stature underwent a remarkable metamorphosis.

He was not just a member but an influential figure within D-Generation X. Most notably, Waltman emphasized the perceptual shift Vince McMahon experienced regarding him. "It was a paradigm shift in Vince's eyes," Waltman reflected.

"Soon after my comeback, I was facing off with The Rock for the championship at the Capital Carnage pay-per-view in the U.K. That speaks volumes."

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