Tiffany Stratton Seen Backstage with Becky Lynch's Arch-Rival at WWE Event

Charlotte Flair's recent actions speak volumes on SmackDown.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tiffany Stratton Seen Backstage with Becky Lynch's Arch-Rival at WWE Event
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Tiffany Stratton's ongoing rivalry with NXT Women's Champion Becky Lynch has been the talk of the NXT world. The "black and gold" brand recently witnessed Stratton's first-ever title reign come to an end as Lynch dethroned her on NXT TV.

While this feud has kept the fans on their toes, a new development might just add more fuel to the fire. Recently, Charlotte Flair, no stranger to "The Man" Becky Lynch herself, was seen alongside Stratton backstage at a WWE live event.

Flair, famously known as "The Queen," took to her Twitter handle to share a snapshot of their unexpected meetup, captioning it simply with, "Hiiiiii."

Historically, Flair and Lynch have not just been fierce competitors; they've also made history together.

The duo, along with Ronda Rousey, was in the spotlight as they headlined WrestleMania 35, vying for both the RAW and SmackDown Women's Championship titles.

Flair's SmackDown Dominance

Presently, "The Queen" is showcasing her prowess on SmackDown.

She's deeply embroiled in a feud with Asuka, courtesy of Damage CTRL. Evidence of this was when Flair was a prominent figure at ringside during IYO SKY's successful defense of the Women's Championship against Asuka on a recent SmackDown episode.

On the other hand, Tiffany Stratton is still processing her face-off with Becky Lynch. Sharing her thoughts with Steve Fall from Wrestling News, Stratton offered a unique perspective on the matter. When queried about feeling overshadowed by Lynch, Stratton opined, "No, not even in the slightest.

Sharing the ring with Becky Lynch essentially raises my profile. Despite losing the title, that match with Becky was a win for me in many other ways." Fans can anticipate fireworks as Lynch prepares to defend her NXT Women's Championship against Stratton at No Mercy.

The stage is set for an Extreme Rules match, especially after Stratton's ruthless assault on Lynch with a steel chair post a tag team confrontation. As the lines of alliances and rivalries blur, the WWE universe is bound to witness some unforgettable moments.

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