Dirty Dom Claims: 'No Next Rey Mysterio; I'm What Matters'


Dirty Dom Claims: 'No Next Rey Mysterio; I'm What Matters'
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In a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the wrestling world, 'Dirty' Dominik Mysterio boldly proclaims that there will never be a successor to the Rey Mysterio legacy. However, his assertion doesn't stem from a sentimental attachment to his Hall of Fame father.

The rift between Dominik and his iconic father Rey Mysterio, reached its peak during WWE's event, Clash at the Castle. It was here that Dominik, the reigning NXT North American Champion, made the divisive decision to join forces with The Judgment Day faction.

Months of tension culminated in Rey's hesitant agreement to face his defiant son in the ring at WrestleMania 39, resulting in Rey triumphing over Dominik.

Dragon Lee's Rising Legacy

Recently, the term 'The Next Rey Mysterio' has been echoing around the wrestling community, primarily due to 'Dirty Dom’s' ongoing feud with the electrifying Dragon Lee.

Dragon Lee, known for his vibrant masks and rapidly growing fan base, has stirred conversations likening him to the wrestling titan, Rey Mysterio. These parallels aren’t unfamiliar in the wrestling sphere; Sin Cara was thrust into similar discussions upon his 2011 debut.

In an insightful conversation with In The Kliq, Dominik Mysterio addressed these mounting comparisons head-on. He articulated, "I genuinely believe there won't be another Rey Mysterio. Not because he's my father, but because the Mysterio people need to recognize is me.

I carry the Mysterio legacy, defending the NXT North American title across North America – encompassing Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., a feat unprecedented in the wrestling world." He continued, "With me headlining all three shows in a single week and consistently being the main event on Raw, it's clear.

There's no forthcoming Rey Mysterio. I am the Mysterio of this generation. No two ways about it." In a thrilling update, Dominik Mysterio is set to defend his NXT North American title in a much-anticipated match against Dragon Lee on tomorrow's Raw.

This will mark Dragon Lee's prominent debut on the main roster, setting the stage for a captivating showdown. If you use any quotes, please give a H/T to SE Scoops.

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