Bobby Lashley to Face Consequences? 10-Time WWE Champ's Return Teased!

WWE teases an epic clash between two wrestling giants.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bobby Lashley to Face Consequences? 10-Time WWE Champ's Return Teased!
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Since his exhilarating return to WWE's SmackDown, Bobby Lashley has undoubtedly been making waves. Many fans believed that the initial trajectory for "The All Mighty" was set for a heroic entrance. However, recent storylines have showcased a distinct twist, with Lashley embracing his darker side, much to the surprise of his followers.

Yet, this heel turn might just backfire on him, paving the way for a shocking faceoff. Rumblings within the wrestling community hint at the potential resurgence of a 10-time WWE Champion, none other than Brock Lesnar. Lesnar's most recent appearance saw him face off against Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam 2023.

The bout culminated in an unexpected gesture, with "The Beast Incarnate" extending a hand to Rhodes, hinting at a possible face turn.

Lesnar-Lashley Showdown Looms

Given the storied past shared between Lesnar and Lashley, WWE might be plotting an intriguing twist, placing Lesnar in a protagonist's role, setting up yet another showdown with Lashley.

Such a move could exponentially elevate Lashley's stature, while also allowing WWE to capitalize on the massive viewership boost that accompanies any of Lesnar's appearances. Furthermore, with Lesnar's recent slate being relatively clean on RAW, a renewed feud with Lashley would be a fitting narrative arc.

Venturing into Lashley's early wrestling journey, it's astounding how far he's come since his 2005 WWE debut. His meteoric rise across multiple wrestling arenas and even in MMA is a testament to his unparalleled athleticism.

However, in a candid confession on the Millionaire Goals Podcast, Lashley unveiled the linchpin behind his WWE initiation. Attributing his entrance into the wrestling mecca to none other than the legendary 12-time World Champion, Kurt Angle, Lashley reminisced.

During a practice stint at the Olympic Training Center, it was Angle's observant eye and words of encouragement that steered Lashley's ambitions. As Lashley fondly recalled, "Kurt Angle, an active WWE titan back then, approached me, commenting on my unique appearance.

He asked, 'Bobby, have you ever considered pro-wrestling?'" This was the nudge that propelled Lashley into the iconic WWE arena.

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