Tony Khan Ecstatic as WWE Legend Joins AEW; Profusely Thanks Him Backstage

AEW's recent rendezvous brought unexpected moments of heartfelt appreciation.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tony Khan Ecstatic as WWE Legend Joins AEW; Profusely Thanks Him Backstage
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World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) celebrated Hall of Famer, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, recently made his esteemed presence felt in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This cameo was nothing short of electrifying for AEW President Tony Khan, who, in numerous occasions, has expressed his profound admiration for Steamboat.

In fact, such is Khan's respect for the legendary superstar that he has, in the past, proudly positioned Steamboat on his personal 'Mount Rushmore' of professional wrestling.

Khan's Overflowing Gratitude

Steamboat, in an insightful conversation with renowned Bill Apter on Sportskeeda Wrestling's 'Wrestlebinge' podcast, reminisced about his warm interaction with Khan.

He revealed, "Tony Khan approached me with this radiant enthusiasm and gratitude. The number of times he extended his heartfelt thanks... it must've been more than ten times in that single interaction!" Moreover, 'The Dragon' also took a moment to shed light on his impression of Tony Khan.

Speaking about the AEW President, Steamboat stated, "While I haven’t had ample opportunity to delve deep into his wrestling psyche, it's apparent that Tony has immersed himself in wrestling narratives since his younger days.

Recounts of him dissecting WWE episodes, revising scripts, and envisaging alternative outcomes are testimonies to his self-education in our business. He's unwaveringly passionate, and not once did I sense a laissez-faire attitude.

It's evident he has a vivid vision for AEW. What impresses me further is his receptiveness. He lends a patient ear to stalwarts of our domain, valuing their insights and opinions." Given Khan's manifest respect and veneration for Steamboat, it's undeniable that having 'The Dragon' align with AEW is a strategic masterstroke.

Such collaborations not only elevate the brand's prestige but are also anticipated to substantially bolster AEW's viewership and subsequent revenue streams.

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