Tiffany Stratton Role Altered Due to Lack of On-Screen Father


Tiffany Stratton Role Altered Due to Lack of On-Screen Father
Tiffany Stratton Role Altered Due to Lack of On-Screen Father © WWE/YouTube

Tiffany Stratton, the emerging star of the NXT roster, is set to step into the ring once more with none other than the formidable NXT Women's Champion, Becky Lynch. Wrestling enthusiasts are in for an electrifying showdown at NXT No Merch scheduled for Saturday, September 30.

Stratton, in an exclusive interview with Steve Fall for, shed light on her aspirations, her path to WWE, and the evolution of her character. Reflecting on her journey, Tiffany Stratton expressed her admiration for Charlotte Flair, a wrestler who inspired her to pursue a career in the squared circle.

She stated, "Charlotte Flair, honestly she's part of the reason why I got into wrestling. She was the first women's wrestler that I saw on my TV screen, and when I saw her, I was immediately just taken aback by someone who was so beautiful, was so strong, could do all the flips and the gymnastics, and I thought it was so cool.

So I think Charlotte Flair is definitely a huge dream match for me."

Stratton's WWE Journey

Stratton recounted her path to WWE, revealing that it all started at a wrestling school in Minnesota, run by Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy).

Although she initially received no response after applying through WWE's website, her determination led her mother to connect with Greg Gagne, ultimately leading to her big break. She said, "He reached out to him and she asked him if he could train me.

He had a little connection down in WWE. He said that if I could show him that I can keep up with him and do what he tells me to do, then he would send my stuff down and have them take a look at me, and he did that for me." Discussing the possibility of Jade Cargill, another rising star in the world of wrestling, joining WWE, Tiffany Stratton expressed an open-minded stance, stating, "Yeah, for sure.

Bring her on in. I don't know much about her, but I've seen photos of her and she's beautiful. But yeah, I'm not sure what's really going on there. So I guess we'll see." Regarding the evolution of her character, Stratton touched on her initial "Daddy's Little Rich Girl" persona, which underwent changes over time.

She explained, "In the beginning, I was kind of like Daddy's little rich girl. I kind of just was like, I want to get on TV. And, you know, this was kind of like, new and different, I guess. So I pitched it. It stuck. And it works for a little bit until they're like, we don't have a daddy for you.

So you're not daddy's little rich girl." As Tiffany Stratton prepares for her high-stakes rematch against Becky Lynch, the wrestling world eagerly awaits what promises to be a spectacular showdown at NXT No Merch. Stay tuned for this thrilling clash between two powerhouse athletes.

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