Molly Holly Considers 2024 Royal Rumble Return


Molly Holly Considers 2024 Royal Rumble Return
Molly Holly Considers 2024 Royal Rumble Return © WWE/YouTube

WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly recently expressed her uncertainty about making an appearance in the upcoming 2024 women's Royal Rumble match. Having achieved the distinction of being a two-time WWE Women's Champion, Molly Holly's legacy in the wrestling arena is undeniable.

However, her candid chat on WWE's "The Bump" revealed her still nursing the aftermath of the 2022 women's Royal Rumble encounter. Nikki Cross, a dynamic WWE Superstar, left an indelible mark on Holly, leading to her elimination from the match.

Molly Holly's Rumble Reservations

Molly Holly reminisced, "That experience still lingers with me. It was intense. I wouldn't absolutely rule out a 2024 appearance, but if I decide to step back, it's because I cherish my well-being.

While I'm not actively gearing up for a win, the adrenaline and thrill of the Rumble always beckon." Molly elaborated on her love for the Rumble and candidly admitted, "Nikki Cross's blows from our last encounter? They resonate even now." Diving a bit into Molly Hollyu Royal Rumble history, she had previously faced elimination at the hands of the now-celebrated Bianca Belair during the 2020 match.

And in the inaugural women's Royal Rumble in 2018, she faced an ousting by none other than fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Michelle McCool. Though 2022 marked her most recent in-ring appearance, Holly's association with WWE remains intact.

She continues to contribute offstage in a pivotal role as a producer. Wrestling enthusiasts have marked their calendars for the 2024 Royal Rumble, slated for Saturday, January 27, 2024. The grand event promises electrifying action at the Tropicana Field in St.

Petersburg, Florida. For those referencing this article, please attribute the quotes to "WWE's The Bump," and kindly give a nod to Wrestling Inc. for the original transcription.

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