Maven Eliminates Undertaker at Royal Rumble; Receives Brutal Chair Shot

Behind the Rumble: Maven's unique pre-match ritual revealed.

by Atia Mukhtar
Maven Eliminates Undertaker at Royal Rumble; Receives Brutal Chair Shot
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In a shocking turn of events at the 2002 WWE Royal Rumble, Maven, then a relatively new face in WWE, made an unforgettable mark by eliminating wrestling icon, The Undertaker. As spectators watched The Undertaker's triumph over Matt and Jeff Hardy, Maven seized the moment with a perfectly timed dropkick, dispatching "The Deadman" over the top rope.

During a candid conversation on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Maven reflected on the high stakes of that move, "Imagine missing that dropkick or not connecting with enough force. That would leave just the two of us in the ring," he shared, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Whiskey Over Aspirin

Revisiting the memorable day, Maven also delved into behind-the-scenes details, including his preparation for the event. He was scheduled to "get color" (a term used for bleeding in wrestling), but faced a challenge.

Maven revealed a surprising allergy to aspirin, a common remedy to induce bleeding in wrestling scenarios. In lieu of the aspirin, The Undertaker, always the seasoned professional, offered an unconventional solution: a drink of whiskey.

Sharing "airplane bottles of Jack [Daniel's]" backstage, Maven admitted to feeling "a little buzzed" by the time their spot approached. The surprises weren't over for Maven. After his unexpected elimination move, The Undertaker retaliated with a formidable chair shot straight to Maven's head.

But for Maven, the pressure was mostly about executing the dropkick perfectly. "That chair shot wasn’t just a love tap," he chuckled, "but after successfully landing the dropkick, everything else was a blur. I knew I just had to clench up for the chair shot." This revealing chat provides fans with a unique window into the intricacies, preparations, and nerves associated with the grand stage of WWE.

It's stories like these that underscore the dedication and passion of wrestlers, reminding audiences of the real humans behind their larger-than-life personas.

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