Cody Rhodes' new WWE rivalry hinted at live event

Unexpected tensions rise as WWE stars face off again

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes' new WWE rivalry hinted at live event
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Cody Rhodes, a standout WWE sensation this year, has been notably quiet in the rivalry department since his electrifying feud with Brock Lesnar culminated at SummerSlam. Fans vividly recall that intense battle which spanned three major WWE Premium Live Events and took an entire season to decide the victor.

It was a tug of war with Rhodes claiming the first victory, Lesnar retaliating in the second, and Rhodes finally asserting dominance at SummerSlam. The climax saw an unexpected gesture from Lesnar, raising Rhodes' hand in a symbolic gesture, cementing Cody’s status in the annals of WWE history.

Recent events suggest that the wrestling community might be on the cusp of another exhilarating feud. At the WWE Premium Live Event, "Payback," Cody graced the Grayson Waller Effect talk show, making the monumental announcement of Jey Uso's shift to Raw.

Subsequently, this past Monday's Raw spectacle saw Rhodes heroically intervene when Jey Uso resisted joining The Judgment Day, opting instead to unleash a barrage of superkicks. The episode culminated with a hearty handshake between the two.

Palm Springs WWE Twist

However, a new twist transpired during a live WWE event in sunny Palm Springs, California. Participating in MVP’s distinguished "VIP Lounge" segment, Rhodes found himself in close quarters with the imposing Omos, stationed beside MVP.

While Rhodes emerged victorious from a gritty Street Fight with Dominik Mysterio, it wasn't without its share of drama. Omos, alongside MVP, ambushed Rhodes, a key highlight being Omos's formidable toss of Cody into the ring.

This led Mysterio to launch a near-successful Frog Splash, only to be thwarted at the two-count. The video capturing this frenzied encounter has since gone viral, stoking speculations of an escalating feud between Rhodes and Omos.

With WWE confirming Rhodes to inaugurate the upcoming Monday's Raw episode, anticipation is palpable. Will Omos confront him once more? All eyes will undoubtedly be glued to Monday’s Raw broadcast.

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