Booker T Eyes 48-Year-Old WWE Release for AEW Signing

Wrestling legend shares thoughts on Benjamin's potential move.

by Atia Mukhtar
Booker T Eyes 48-Year-Old WWE Release for AEW Signing
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The world of professional wrestling is abuzz with the news of recent roster cuts following WWE's takeover by Endeavor, UFC's parent company. Among the many notable superstars released from WWE, Shelton Benjamin's name stands out.

The wrestling community is now rife with speculations about his next possible destination, with AEW being a top contender.

Booker T's AEW Insight

Booker T, a respected WWE Hall of Famer, weighed in on the matter during his Hall of Fame podcast episode.

He opined that AEW might be an ideal landing spot for Benjamin. Booker T elaborated, "AEW could greatly benefit from a veteran like Benjamin. He could always return to Japan, stay there for a stint, and then come back. Shelton has always maintained his fitness and stayed clear of controversies, which makes him a valuable asset for any promotion." Shelton Benjamin's storied career in the WWE spans numerous accolades, including his tenure as the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

His recent stint, starting in 2017, witnessed him reach new heights as part of The Hurt Business, clinching the Raw Tag Team Championships alongside Cedric Alexander. However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had a slightly different viewpoint.

He acknowledged Benjamin's commendable career as a two-time All-American wrestler, sprinter, and football player. However, he raised a pertinent point about Benjamin's age, which is 48. Meltzer commented, "With WWE's recent decision to pair The Street Profits with Bobby Lashley instead of reuniting The Hurt Business, it's evident they had limited plans for Benjamin.

While AEW could be a potential platform for him, they might be wary given their current roster demographics." Regardless of the speculations, fans eagerly await Shelton Benjamin's next move, hoping to see more of his exceptional in-ring performances. Only time will tell if AEW decides to onboard this veteran superstar, enriching their roster further.

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