Santos Escobar Discusses Past Talks with Vince McMahon

Escobar's unspoken dreams take center stage in recent revelations.

by Atia Mukhtar
Santos Escobar Discusses Past Talks with Vince McMahon
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WWE sensation, Santos Escobar, shared insights on his lifelong ambition of becoming part of the WWE universe and the cherished moments he's had with the company's figurehead, Vince McMahon. In a recent deep-dive on WWE's "After The Bell" podcast, Escobar threw light on his limited interactions with McMahon.

"While I've crossed paths with Vince three to four times, our encounters have always been fleeting. Yet, each of these moments held immense significance for me," said Escobar. "For me, I've always been immersed in the universe McMahon conceptualized." One such memorable interaction took place at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

"Upon learning Vince was present, I approached Rey Mysterio, my LWO compatriot, for a formal introduction. For a kid who grew up dreaming of this world, meeting its creator was both surreal and deeply emotional," Escobar reminisced.

Escobar's Hidden Desire

Interestingly, while they met, Escobar held back from revealing his lifelong aspiration of being part of WWE to McMahon but promises to share this heartfelt desire during their next interaction. Besides these treasured moments, Escobar spoke about his initial brushes with WWE.

He divulged having a tryout in 2011 during WWE's first 'Raw' in Mexico City. Although things didn't pan out then, he never lost hope. "Being born and bred in Mexico, my journey wasn't linear. I had to first make a mark in the Mexican wrestling domain," the former "NXT" Cruiserweight Champion stated, adding that the constant inspiration and motivation led to an undying passion to be part of WWE.

Encouraging his fellow Mexicans, Escobar stated, "With unwavering dedication, anything is achievable. My journey stands testament to the fact that dreams, no matter how big, can turn into reality." Having begun his WWE stint with "NXT" in 2019, Escobar climbed his way up to the main roster in 2022, and soon after, became an integral part of the renewed Latino World Order.

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