Jim Ross Discusses Overlooked WWE Talent from Early 2000s


Jim Ross Discusses Overlooked WWE Talent from Early 2000s
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In a revelatory conversation on the podcast "Grilling JR," Jim Ross, WWE's former Head of Talent Relations post-Attitude Era, delved deep into the challenges of scouting successors for legends like Steve Austin and The Rock.

While Ross is celebrated for ushering in now-iconic wrestlers like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton from WWE's developmental territories, he expressed regrets over one particular OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) talent, Rob Conway, not reaching his full potential.

Ross was candid in his assessment, stating, "Rob was nothing short of a consummate professional. He was punctual, cooperative, and certainly not lax in his duties." Drawing a blank on the exact reasons for Conway's stunted rise, Ross wondered if it was all a matter of ill-timed debuts or if there was a perceived stigma from graduating OVW.

"Regardless, Conway deserved far better," Ross reflected.

Overlooking Conway's Talent

Deep-diving into Conway's career trajectory, Jim Ross was transparent in acknowledging a possible oversight. "It's undeniable; we missed out on maximizing Conway's talent." He questioned if there were murmurs behind the scenes influencing Vince McMahon's perspective, perhaps insinuating that Conway lacked the stature or readiness for the big leagues.

"Rob Conway, in my opinion, was one of the standout talents birthed from OVW. Yet, when he landed on the main WWE stage, he faced undue criticism," Ross observed, trying to make sense of the seeming bias against Conway. Despite his promising start, Rob Conway's journey with WWE was regrettably short-lived.

Having devoted seven years to the wrestling giant, his tenure on the main roster spanned just three of those. Ross's candid conversation sheds light on the intricate dynamics backstage, emphasizing that talent alone sometimes isn't enough to clinch the spotlight. The wrestling world will always wonder about the 'what ifs' surrounding Conway's WWE career.

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