Why did Tiffany Stratton drop a key character trait?


Why did Tiffany Stratton drop a key character trait?
Why did Tiffany Stratton drop a key character trait? © WWE/Youtube

The WWE universe has always been enthralled by stars that shine the brightest, and Tiffany Stratton is quickly ascending as one of those luminaries. With just two years in the wrestling ring, this 24-year-old dynamo already boasts a tenure as the NXT Women’s Champion.

Stratton's prowess was on full display on the September 12th NXT episode. She defended her coveted NXT Women’s Title against the seasoned wrestler, "The Man" Becky Lynch. Although Stratton relinquished the title to Lynch in that face-off, she made an indelible mark with her stellar performance.

It was a testament to Stratton’s raw talent that she could hold her own against a WWE stalwart like Lynch. Initially, when Stratton made her NXT debut in 2022, she was portrayed through vignettes as a privileged young woman who often bragged about the luxuries "daddy" bought her.

This "rich-girl" persona was crafted to irk the audience. However, as time went on, this angle saw a shift. When probed about the deviation in an exclusive with Steve Fall of WrestlingNewsco, Stratton elucidated, “Initially, the 'Daddy’s little rich girl' pitch seemed novel and offered me a ticket to TV time.

However, as the narrative evolved, the absence of an actual 'daddy' figure made the gimmick less tenable”. It's evident that after sidelining the "rich girl" storyline, Stratton's career trajectory skyrocketed.

Stratton's Bold Retaliation

Coming to recent developments, last week’s NXT episode saw Becky Lynch partnering with Lyra Valkyria to trounce the duo of Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James.

The culmination of the event was marked by Stratton’s audacious move: she assaulted Lynch with a steel chair, further intensifying their rivalry. In light of these events, Lynch and Stratton have mutually consented to a rematch at the much-anticipated NXT No Mercy event on September 30th.

But there's a twist—following Stratton's audacious attack, Lynch has modified the bout to an Extreme Rules Match for the NXT Women’s Championship. With Lynch's vast experience in such matches, it presents Stratton with a formidable challenge.

In other NXT updates, Dominik Mysterio was slated to defend his NXT North American Title against Mustafa Ali. However, with Ali's unexpected exit from WWE, the fate of that match remains uncertain.

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