WWE Management Holds Resentment Towards CM Punk

Differing dynamics emerge post-wrestlers' departures from promotions.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Management Holds Resentment Towards CM Punk
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Following his unexpected departure from AEW due to a backstage altercation with Jack Perry during the AEW All In event, CM Punk's status in the wrestling world remains shrouded in mystery. A once-iconic figure in WWE, Punk's potential re-entry into its fold has been a topic of considerable interest among fans and insiders alike.

CM Punk's release from AEW raises many questions. Notably, whether he's subject to a non-compete clause remains undisclosed. This clause would determine the duration before Punk can sign up with another wrestling promotion. Interestingly, whispers about CM Punk's interest in rejoining WWE had been circulating as early as last December.

He was reportedly keen on making a splash at the Royal Rumble, with the intent to be part of the grand stage of WrestleMania 39.

Meltzer Compares Wrestlers

Wrestling aficionado Dave Meltzer shed some light on this subject during his segment on Wrestling Observer Radio.

While discussing the recent WWE release of Matt Riddle, Meltzer highlighted a stark contrast between the two wrestlers' relations with major promotions. Matt Riddle's departure from WWE seems amicable, as per Meltzer, with no apparent animosity between him and AEW's management.

CM Punk, however, appears to be in a different boat. Drawing a clear line between the two situations, Meltzer commented, “From a locker room standpoint, the dynamics concerning Riddle and Punk are vastly different. Many in WWE management still harbor resentment towards CM Punk.

Conversely, there isn't a hint of negative sentiment surrounding Matt Riddle in AEW’s executive chambers”. As the wrestling world watches with bated breath, CM Punk's next move remains a topic of intrigue. Whether he returns to WWE, joins another promotion, or takes an entirely different path, Punk's journey will undoubtedly remain under the spotlight.

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