Drew McIntyre Teams with Surprise Partner on RAW; Fallout from Matt Riddle's Exit


Drew McIntyre Teams with Surprise Partner on RAW; Fallout from Matt Riddle's Exit
Drew McIntyre Teams with Surprise Partner on RAW; Fallout from Matt Riddle's Exit © WWE/YouTube

Since making a striking return to WWE at Money in the Bank 2023, Drew McIntyre has remained a dominant force on RAW. His temporary alliance with Matt Riddle added a dynamic layer to his character, but it seems The Scottish Warrior is gearing up for another solo venture.

With the landscape of RAW undergoing several changes, McIntyre's relationships with new and old faces have been a central focus. Notably, Cody Rhodes made headlines when he introduced Jey Uso to RAW at Payback 2023, following Uso's dramatic 'resignation'

McIntyre didn't take too kindly to this new addition, and their tension culminated in a fiercely contested bout last week, where McIntyre emerged victorious. Speculation is rife: Will McIntyre extend an olive branch to the ex-Bloodline member? This week's edition of RAW promises to heighten the drama.

Scheduled for an appearance on Miz TV, there's a potential for The Judgment Day faction to intervene. Given that Jey Uso has also been at odds with this group, it’s tantalizing to think of a possible alliance between him and McIntyre against this common enemy.

The Judgment Day's ambush on Uso after his match with McIntyre was hard to ignore, especially given McIntyre's apparent hesitation to intervene. This left the door open for Cody Rhodes to step in and rescue Uso.

McIntyre-Uso Power Shift

An alliance between McIntyre and Uso, given their past, would add depth to RAW's narrative.

Their combined might could shift the balance of power and address any lingering animosity. As for McIntyre's championship aspirations, it's clear he has his sights set on the zenith of WWE. It's been some time since fans saw the gold adorning him, and he's itching for another shot.

In a candid conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling, McIntyre reflected on his journey, saying, “Before taking on the champion, I feel I need to prove myself against other superstars. Despite my legacy, you’re measured by your recent actions”.

He openly mentioned the diversion caused by Matt Riddle, who has since been released from WWE. With Seth Rollins holding the World Heavyweight Championship and their storied past, a McIntyre vs. Rollins face-off is highly anticipated.

In the wake of Riddle's exit, McIntyre's next chapter could see him forging new alliances and seeking redemption, possibly turning the tide as a formidable heel.

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