Jinder Mahal Hints at Indian The Bloodline Faction in WWE


Jinder Mahal Hints at Indian The Bloodline Faction in WWE
Jinder Mahal Hints at Indian The Bloodline Faction in WWE © WWE/YouTube

The meteoric rise of The Bloodline in the WWE landscape hasn't gone unnoticed. With their dominance palpable across WWE's broadcasting, it's only natural that enthusiasts from all over the world, especially those from South Asia, yearn for a version of the faction embedded in their cultural roots.

During a candid conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling, the topic was broached with Jinder Mahal, the former WWE Champion. His insights hinted at a possibility for an Indian iteration of The Bloodline, provided the WWE machinery leans into more intensive talent scouting endeavors within India.

Mahal's Vision for WWE

The former WWE Champion elucidated, "For the Indian Bloodline vision to manifest, it's crucial for WWE to engage in a more pronounced talent hunt within India. Establishing another Performance Center would pave the way for spotting and honing talent indigenous to the country." He further stated, "Sure, we're giving our all to make this a reality.

But what's imperative is a renewed focus on try-outs in India. With the right groundwork, the Indian Bloodline could potentially reign supreme in the WWE. Our journey, for now, is one of perseverance, setting milestones, and gearing up for a Bloodline transition." The full conversation is available for a deeper dive, and the video link is provided below.

On another note, Jinder Mahal, often dubbed "The Modern Day Maharaja," opened up about his aspirations in another dialogue. With palpable determination, he highlighted his ambition to clash with titans like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

When asked about his future prospects in WWE, Mahal remarked, "Securing another championship is certainly on the horizon. Battling for either Seth's World Heavyweight Title or challenging Roman for the Undisputed WWE [Universal] Championship would be monumental.

Rest assured, The Maharaja's saga is far from its climax." Reverting to the annals of WWE history, it's imperative to acknowledge Mahal's astonishing victory against Randy Orton at Backlash 2017. A victory that left the WWE universe in utter disbelief and signaled his ascent in the wrestling world.

Jinder Mahal The Bloodline

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