Kevin Nash Compares AEW's Kenny Omega to WWE Hall of Famer


Kevin Nash Compares AEW's Kenny Omega to WWE Hall of Famer
Kevin Nash Compares AEW's Kenny Omega to WWE Hall of Famer © Title Match Wrestling/YouTube

Kevin Nash, a wrestling icon known for his memorable runs in WWE and WCW, recently shared his thoughts on AEW superstar Kenny Omega during an episode of the "Kliq THIS" podcast. Nash's commentary shed light on Omega's versatility and unique wrestling style, creating waves of interest among fans and wrestling enthusiasts.

During the podcast, Nash referenced a unique match involving Kenny Omega, where Omega squared off against an 8-year-old Japanese girl. Nash didn't hold back his admiration, stating, "Has anybody seen the match that Kenny Omega had with an 8-year-old Japanese girl? I watched it last night, and some of that s–t looked stiff.

Kenny reminds me of Sean Waltman — where he can just have a match with anybody. I've always been a huge fan of Kenny's because of the fact that Kenny would even do that match. [It] was another notch in why he's my favorite [wrestler]." The comparison to Sean Waltman, known as X-Pac during his WWE tenure, adds depth to Nash's perspective.

The mention of Waltman invokes nostalgia among wrestling fans who remember his dynamic and high-flying wrestling style, which was groundbreaking during his era.

Wrestling's Influential Kliq

Kevin Nash's history in wrestling is closely tied to the formation of the infamous Kliq, a WWE stable that included Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Sean Waltman.

The Kliq's real-life friendship extended behind the scenes and was rumored to have considerable influence in the wrestling locker room. In response to recent speculation about a potential wrestling comeback, Nash addressed the topic directly.

After playfully suggesting he'd return to WWE to face CM Punk, Nash clarified on his podcast that he has no immediate plans to return to in-ring action. He emphasized his current focus on fitness and personal well-being, stating, "I promise you man, all I want to do is go to the gym, and I'm not looking to...

I'm just not, I mean... I'm not looking to get in the ring." Kevin Nash's comments on Kenny Omega highlight the ongoing cross-generational appreciation among wrestling legends and current stars, enriching the wrestling community with valuable insights and perspectives.

While Nash may not be planning a return to wrestling, his presence continues to resonate within the industry, ensuring his enduring legacy in the world of professional wrestling.

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