Dominik Mysterio Opens Up About WWE Universe Hate

Domination: Dominik Mysterio's Rising Star in WWE Universe.

by Atia Mukhtar
Dominik Mysterio Opens Up About WWE Universe Hate
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In the world of professional wrestling, few feats are more challenging and exhilarating than playing the role of a heel – the antagonist whom fans love to despise. Dominik Mysterio, the current NXT North American Champion, has embraced this role with gusto, basking in the chorus of boos that follows him wherever he treads in the WWE arena.

Mysterio, a 26-year-old sensation, made a dramatic heel turn by betraying his own flesh and blood, his father Rey Mysterio. Their intense and deeply personal feud culminated in an electrifying singles match at Wrestlemania 39.

Since joining forces with The Judgment Day stable, the enigmatic "Dirty Dom" has seen his stock rise exponentially.

Dominik on Handling WWE Hate

In a recent interview with "In the Kliq," Dominik was confronted with a pointed question about the relentless hate he receives from wrestling enthusiasts.

His response was as poised as his in-ring persona: "Believe it or not, it doesn't really get to me, you know, because I don't care about their opinion, right? They can boo me all they want, but I'm the man. And I understand that, and I have Rhea [Ripley], Finn [Balor], and Damian [Priest] backing me up...

Like, it doesn't really affect me," Dominik confidently asserted. The Judgment Day, a formidable faction, has left an indelible mark on all three WWE brands. They consistently feature in the main event scenes of RAW and SmackDown, with Dominik simultaneously holding the prestigious NXT North American Championship.

Such success, however, comes at a price. Dominik shed light on the grueling schedule he endures: "My days off are Wednesday, and that's about it because we have... well, sometimes we'll get lucky and can fly out on Friday, but we have Friday SmackDown, live events on Saturday and Sunday, TV on Monday, and then I do NXT on Tuesdays," he revealed.

This demanding regimen underscores the immense dedication and resilience required to thrive as a WWE Superstar. The Judgment Day's winning streak remains intact, with recent victories in high-stakes title matches on RAW. As the group continues to ride the wave of momentum they've cultivated, fans are left eagerly anticipating how long they can sustain their dominance in the WWE landscape.

Dominik Mysterio