Ted DiBiase Questions Goldberg's Wrestling Push


Ted DiBiase Questions Goldberg's Wrestling Push
Ted DiBiase Questions Goldberg's Wrestling Push © WWE/YouTube

In a recent installment of the podcast, "Everybody's Got A Pod," WWE legend and Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase weighed in on Goldberg's rise to fame in WCW. The iconic Million Dollar Man voiced concerns about whether Goldberg truly deserved the meteoric push he received in the wrestling world.

Responding to a fan's query, DiBiase maintained a clear distinction between personal feelings and professional judgments. "I harbor no personal issues with Goldberg," clarified DiBiase. "But was he truly deserving of the pedestal WCW placed him on? That's where my questions lie."

From Gridiron to Ring

Drawing a parallel to Goldberg's former career, DiBiase noted, "Goldberg first came into the limelight as a football player.

So, the strategy was clear: leverage his football fame and shape him into a wrestling sensation. But the transition from a football field to a wrestling ring is not always seamless. While I applaud anyone who seizes opportunities, when I analyze his wrestling skills, I don't perceive him as an exceptional talent." Besides questioning the basis of Goldberg's fame, DiBiase also touched upon a crucial aspect of pro wrestling: safety.

He emphasized the cardinal rule every wrestler should abide by: "Always ensure the safety of your fellow competitor," a point he feels Goldberg might have occasionally overlooked. Goldberg's record in WCW remains unparalleled.

He boasted an awe-inspiring 173-match winning streak, which culminated in him clinching the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. This phenomenal record kickstarted his wrestling journey, making him one of the stalwarts of the Monday Night Wars era for WCW.

However, despite his impressive accomplishments, Goldberg's wrestling techniques have faced scrutiny. Many stalwarts, including Bret Hart, have critiqued his in-ring methods. It's worth noting that Hart's illustrious career met a premature end following an unfortunate injury during a bout with Goldberg.

With the industry divided on Goldberg's legacy, Ted DiBiase's recent comments add yet another layer to the ongoing debate.

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