Chelsea Green Believes WWE Cut Storyline Prematurely


Chelsea Green Believes WWE Cut Storyline Prematurely
Chelsea Green Believes WWE Cut Storyline Prematurely © WWE/YouTube

Chelsea Green, after clinching the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships alongside Sonya Deville, found herself in a predicament due to Sonya's unexpected injury. Rather than letting this setback deter her spirit, she ingeniously started an audition process for potential tag team partners.

This initiative gave rise to the "Chelsea's Got Talent" buzz on social media platforms. Talking to "The Bleav In Pro Wrestling Podcast," Green enthusiastically shared, "Seeing those auditions roll in was an absolute joy. While I relished every moment of it, I secretly hoped it would extend a bit more.

Yet, now we have Piper."

Piper's Unexpected Entry

However, this engaging storyline was short-lived on screen. Piper Niven made an unanticipated appearance, instantly setting herself as Green's partner. The duo has been inseparable since.

Nevertheless, the initial risk Chelsea took with her social media endeavor was rewarded with immense popularity. "You sometimes have to experiment, toss ideas around, and find what works best," Chelsea commented. "I had multiple ideas, not just this one.

When I launched this on social media and saw the overwhelming response, I knew I was on to something. Whether it would make it to television wasn't my concern. I spearheaded it without waiting for any official approvals." Green's call for auditions saw an array of participants — from professional wrestlers to reality stars and dedicated fans.

She boldly embarked on this venture, believing that the worst-case scenario would be similar to past experiences, hinting at a time she was let go from her role. For those referencing this information, kindly acknowledge "The Bleav In Pro Wrestling Podcast," and a special thanks to Wrestling Inc. for their transcription efforts.

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