Santos Escobar Details Ties with WWE Legend Rey Mysterio


Santos Escobar Details Ties with WWE Legend Rey Mysterio
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In a candid conversation on WWE's renowned "After The Bell" podcast, Santos Escobar unveiled the depth of his bond with the iconic Rey Mysterio. The chat provided insights into the mutual respect the two wrestling superstars share and the profound impact Mysterio has had on Escobar's personal and professional journey.

As a prominent figure on "WWE SmackDown", Escobar candidly shared anecdotes of their time on the road together. "Our long drives from one city to another have cemented our bond," Escobar revealed. He was all praises for Mysterio, noting his unmatched humility, which has served as a beacon of inspiration for Escobar himself.

"Rey has this incredible ability to ground me. His genuine connection with fans, his willingness to step out of his car just to sign autographs - these acts exemplify the essence of who he is. Being with him has truly been a reminder of the values that matter, especially in keeping the spirit of inspiration alive," he continued.

Escobar's Bold Claim

While the reverence for Mysterio was evident, Escobar didn't shy away from staking his claim in the world of wrestling. He boldly stated, "Rey is unquestionably the greatest luchador of all time. However, in the present moment, I firmly believe I am the best luchador alive." Corey Graves, probing into this claim, posed a riveting question, asking if Escobar felt superior to Mysterio given the latter's active status in the ring.

Escobar responded with a challenge, hinting at the anticipation of their impending United States title match. "It's a question that awaits an answer. While an earlier match didn't pan out the way I'd hoped, particularly with Mysterio's unfortunate injury, our upcoming face-off is set to be an epic showdown," he asserted.

This duel holds promise, as Rey Mysterio is set to defend his US title against a determined and confident Santos Escobar. As fans await this clash of titans, one thing's for sure — the wrestling world is about to witness a match for the ages.

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