Chris Jericho Hints at WWE Matchup with Rival After 20-Year Hiatus


Chris Jericho Hints at WWE Matchup with Rival After 20-Year Hiatus
Chris Jericho Hints at WWE Matchup with Rival After 20-Year Hiatus © WWE/YouTube

In the illustrious annals of professional wrestling, few rivalries remain as intriguing and untouched as that of Chris Jericho and Lance Storm. The two icons, who began their pro wrestling journeys side by side, have not squared off since their memorable 2005 encounter at ECW One Night Stand.

Two decades have passed since then, but recent events have sparked fresh speculation about another possible showdown. When WCW stalwart Justin Credible highlighted a clip of that famed 2005 bout, the buzz grew louder. The clip, which illustrates the electrifying dynamics between Jericho and Storm, drew Jericho's own cheeky commentary.

"Light as a feather brother…so please lay it in next time!" he quipped, urging Storm for a more powerful performance should they meet again.

Jericho Praises Wyatt

In a recent reflective moment, Jericho also took the time to commend the late Bray Wyatt for his incredible contributions and creative genius in WWE, dubbing him "a faucet of creativity." While details about this weekend's AEW Collision event are available elsewhere, the focus remains on Jericho's next move.

Could it indeed involve Lance Storm? Their intertwined history makes it an enticing prospect. While Storm may have hung up his boots in 2016, Jericho's fervor for the sport has not waned. Fans may recall that during a candid chat on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, Storm humorously alluded to a longstanding agreement between the pair: their careers started with a bout against each other, so it would be poetic if they also concluded in similar fashion.

"It's like, dude, you have to retire at some point," Storm had jested, hinting at the long-discussed potential retirement match with Jericho. For now, Jericho's entanglement with the Don Callis Family continues to dominate headlines, a narrative gaining momentum with each passing episode.

As anticipation grows and speculation runs wild, only time will tell if and when "The Ocho" will once again lock horns with Lance Storm in a clash for the ages.

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