WWE and Hulu May Have Struck an Interim Deal to Retain Content on the Stream Service


WWE and Hulu May Have Struck an Interim Deal to Retain Content on the Stream Service
WWE and Hulu May Have Struck an Interim Deal to Retain Content on the Stream Service © WWE/Youtube

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been fortifying its ties with prominent broadcasters, notably the USA Network and NBC Universal. The recent agreement to bring the iconic "WWE SmackDown" show back to the USA Network is a testament to this strengthening bond.

However, the WWE's collaboration with Hulu, particularly concerning "next-day streaming rights," seems to be treading on uncertain grounds. The turbulence became evident when, after the "SmackDown" announcement, Hulu flagged WWE content as being on the verge of expiration, hinting at the imminent termination of their partnership.

But, in an exciting turn of events, avid WWE enthusiasts have spotted a temporary respite. A cursory glance at Hulu's platform reveals that WWE shows remain accessible, albeit with a new expiration date for the upcoming week.

Such a move points to a provisional agreement between WWE and Hulu. Whether this implies ongoing dialogues to prolong the "next-day rights" on Hulu remains an intriguing question.

Revisiting Past WWE And Hulu Negotiations

For those who've been keen observers of this partnership, the present scenario mirrors an almost identical situation from last September.

As history recalls, the expiration threat loomed on September 24, 2022, only for the parties to strike a temporary agreement, ensuring the WWE's presence on Hulu until September 29. The eventual consensus has been a 12-month pact in light of recent events.

If the content gets pulled, it would mark the end of a decade-long alliance between WWE and Hulu, which commenced in September 2012. Wrestling Inc., widely recognized and esteemed within the wrestling community for its accurate reporting and insights, has proactively reached out to WWE for a clearer understanding of these unfolding events.

They aim to provide their audience with a comprehensive view of the situation. However, despite the anticipation and eagerness of fans and stakeholders alike, WWE has yet to issue an official response. As we await further details, the wrestling community remains rife with speculation and hopes for clarity.

Until then, the intricacies of the partnership hang in the balance, with an official statement eagerly anticipated. This ongoing saga underscores the evolving dynamics of streaming partnerships in the entertainment industry as they constantly adapt to shifting viewer preferences and business strategies.

Only time will reveal the longevity of WWE's content on Hulu, but for now, fans can continue their weekly wrestling fix.