Breaking: Key Details Emerge on Matt Riddle WWE Departure

Riddle's recent actions prompt unexpected WWE departure.

by Atia Mukhtar
Breaking: Key Details Emerge on Matt Riddle WWE Departure
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The wrestling community has been abuzz with discussions about the sudden departure of Matt Riddle from WWE. Sources from Sportskeeda Wrestling, led by Bill Apter, have shared exclusive insights into what might have catalyzed the unexpected exit of 'The Original Bro'

Historical matters linking Riddle's stint in UFC, which has now joined forces with WWE, have come to the forefront. The conjecture is that Riddle's past altercations in UFC made both WWE and UFC jointly apprehensive. To sidestep potential issues, the decision was made to part ways with the former United States Champion.

Adding to the intrigue, Riddle recently levelled accusations against an officer at JFK Airport, alleging sexual assault. Subsequent reports have insinuated that during this episode, Riddle might have been inebriated. After maintaining silence for several weeks and staying noticeably absent from RAW, he formally announced his departure from WWE.

Apter's Revealing Insights

Riddle's exit has kept fans speculating about the heights he might have scaled within WWE. Bill Apter, in a recent episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted, divulged another angle to the story.

Apter stated, "I've garnered from numerous sources that the JFK Airport incident wasn't the only factor leading to Riddle's release. Dana White has voiced that Riddle was once a troublesome figure in MMA. Considering the merger, it seems both entities believed the potential pitfalls outweighed the benefits of retaining him." The link to the complete video discussion is available below.

In a related narrative, wrestling stalwart Booker T has expressed his perspective on the entire fiasco. On his podcast, Hall of Fame, Booker T articulated candidly that Riddle's actions rendered him a liability for WWE. "One's actions have their consequences.

If you tread on a precarious path, the odds are you will stumble," commented the WCW legend. He emphasized that given the circumstances, WWE's decision, although hard, seemed inevitable.

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