Tony Khan Speaks on Rob Van Dam's AEW Prospects

AEW's latest surprise: RVD's electrifying entry and future prospects.

by Noman Rasool
Tony Khan Speaks on Rob Van Dam's AEW Prospects
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In a move that left the wrestling world reeling, ECW legend Rob Van Dam (RVD) made a jaw-dropping entry into All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Brought in by Jerry Lynn, this was a strategic move to silence the brash FTW Champion, Jack Perry, who has lately been making disparaging remarks about ECW, the original birthplace of the FTW Title under Taz's leadership.

In a high-voltage battle on AEW Dynamite in Columbus, Ohio, RVD, a WWE Hall of Famer, squared off against Jack Perry for the coveted title. While the bout followed FTW rules, Perry's audacious tactics were on full display.

He chose a less honorable path to victory, resorting to a low blow on RVD, quickly followed by slamming his face onto a chair and sealing the win with a dubious roll-up, even sneakily grabbing a fistful of RVD’s tights.

But the buzz didn’t stop there. RVD, not just making a fleeting appearance, graced the AEW ring again on the 23rd of September edition of Collision. He teamed up with the reigning FTW Champion, HOOK, and together they secured a victory against Angelo Parker and Matt Menard.

Khan Praises RVD's Impact

AEW's Tony Khan, during the pre-WrestleDream media call, hinted at a brighter future for RVD in the AEW landscape. “The reception for RVD was nothing short of electric. The Michigan audience showered him with love, reflecting in our impressive show ratings,” Khan noted.

He added, “While RVD’s engagements have been on a show-by-show basis, we're more than eager to see him back in action. I’ve told him personally, he’s done a remarkable job and we'd be thrilled to have him back whenever the timing and narrative align”.

However, RVD’s AEW appearances might come at a cost. Insiders suggest that his recent affiliation with AEW might jeopardize potential WWE bookings, particularly related to WrestleMania 40, slated for 2024 in Philadelphia.

Only time will tell how RVD's wrestling journey will unfold, but for now, fans are excited to see more of the Hall of Famer in the AEW arena.

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