Jade Cargill Names Her WWE WrestleMania Dream Match


Jade Cargill Names Her WWE WrestleMania Dream Match
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The wrestling world has been abuzz with anticipation and speculation for weeks, and now, it's official. Jade Cargill, former TBS Champion, is the latest addition to the WWE roster, making the transition from AEW in a move that's garnered significant attention.

Given Cargill's uncharted territory within the WWE, the potential for first-time matchups with the existing roster members is vast, leaving fans and experts alike in eager anticipation. Bianca Belair, known as the EST of WWE, has emerged as a fan-favorite pick for a face-off against Cargill.

As the buzz grew louder, ESPN took the opportunity to question Cargill about a potential matchup with the former Women’s Champion. Not mincing her words, Cargill asserted that a showdown with Belair is not just any other match: it’s WrestleMania main event-worthy.

Dream WrestleMania Showdown

Jade Cargill confidently proclaimed the potential face-off as worthy of a WrestleMania main event spotlight. She envisions this high-caliber showdown captivating fans worldwide, keeping them glued to their screens in sheer anticipation.

Such an encounter, she believes, would not only lead to a remarkable upswing in ticket sales but also create an unparalleled, electric ambience in the arena. Cargill's emphasis was clear: fans would come in overwhelming numbers, eager to witness this dream match live.

But with the confirmation of Cargill's WWE signing comes another burning question: where will she make her debut? NXT or the main roster? While Cargill confirmed in the same ESPN interview that she is well-aware of her destined brand, she kept the specifics close to her chest, teasing fans to tune into all three shows to witness her much-awaited WWE debut.

The wrestling community is abuzz with eager anticipation and palpable excitement. The recent developments around Jade Cargill's induction into WWE promise a thrilling narrative in the coming months. Her potential face-off with the formidable Bianca Belair is especially tantalizing.

If this dream matchup materializes, it will undoubtedly be a watershed moment, solidifying both their legacies in the annals of wrestling history.

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