Becky Lynch Reacts to Jade Cargill Joining WWE

Becky Lynch Applauds Industry's Transformation with New WWE Talent.

by Atia Mukhtar
Becky Lynch Reacts to Jade Cargill Joining WWE
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Becky Lynch, the reigning WWE NXT Women's Champion, recently sat down with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post to discuss the latest sensation in professional wrestling, Jade Cargill. The buzz surrounding Cargill has been undeniable, especially after her surprising departure from AEW and subsequent signing with WWE on an extensive multi-year contract.

As one of the industry's brightest stars, Cargill's transition from AEW to WWE has kept the wrestling community's fingers tapping, filling social media with speculations, opinions, and debates. The excitement has been palpable since her AEW contract concluded earlier this month.

Becky Praises Women's Wrestling

Becky Lynch, never one to shy away from voicing her thoughts, mentioned, "I keep my eyes on all the products out there. The industry's evolution, especially with the inclusion of more talented women on bigger platforms, is genuinely exhilarating.

Jade joining WWE is a testament to that evolution." Lynch continued, reflecting on the challenges ahead for Cargill, "Certainly, Jade will have a learning curve when she steps into the WWE universe. But seeing her energy, her charisma – she’s an undeniable star.

If she's prepared to put in the work, which I believe she is, she will shine even brighter." In her classic fighting spirit, Lynch concluded, "For me, every new face is a potential new challenger in the ring. Jade's arrival means one more competitor I look forward to facing off against and proving my mettle." Cargill's WWE journey is beginning, and fans are eagerly anticipating the fireworks she’s set to bring.

With heavyweights like Becky Lynch already sizing her up, one thing's for certain: the WWE women's division just got even more exciting.

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