Road Dogg Questions Delayed WWE Star Breakthrough

Road Dogg Brian James Commends Rey Mysterio's Wrestling Legacy.

by Atia Mukhtar
Road Dogg Questions Delayed WWE Star Breakthrough
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In the latest episode of the "Oh... You Didn't Know?" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer "Road Dogg" Brian James opened up about his admiration for fellow Hall of Famer and wrestling icon Rey Mysterio. James candidly expressed his astonishment at how long it took for Rey Mysterio to break through in the world of professional wrestling and become the trailblazing superstar he is today.

The discussion on the podcast took a turn when James was asked if he believed he was a better sports entertainer than Mysterio. Without hesitation, James made it clear that there was "no way" he could compare to Mysterio's extraordinary career.

James went on to heap praise on Mysterio, acknowledging that he had achieved a level of success that few could ever dream of attaining. He marveled at how Mysterio had shattered the glass ceiling for smaller competitors in the industry, emphasizing that the "David and Goliath" storyline had been a staple in storytelling for ages.

According to James, Rey Mysterio had not only conquered that narrative but had also established himself as the ultimate role model for aspiring WWE Superstars, particularly those of a smaller stature.

Rey's Size Defied Odds

Drawing comparisons to other legendary luchadors like Eddie Guerrero, James couldn't help but emphasize the unique aspect of Mysterio's journey – his size.

Mysterio, who joined WWE in 2005, spent years on "WWE SmackDown" diligently crafting his legacy before reaching the pinnacle of success by capturing the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22 in 2006. Throughout his illustrious career, Mysterio faced and defeated formidable opponents like Kane, Mark Henry, Kevin Nash, and many more.

James was effusive in his praise for Mysterio, describing him as a diminutive powerhouse who had fearlessly taken on every giant the wrestling world had to offer. He emphasized that Mysterio's ability to thrive in a world of giants and consistently deliver top-tier performances for over three decades was a testament to his unparalleled talent and dedication.

In conclusion, "Road Dogg" Brian James's heartfelt admiration for Rey Mysterio's remarkable journey serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Mysterio's career on the world of professional wrestling. Mysterio's legacy as a pioneer and an inspiration for aspiring wrestlers is secure, and his remarkable achievements continue to be celebrated by fans and peers alike.

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