WWE Stories: Champ Rules Out Return Roman Reigns Comeback Plan, Randy Orton Sighting


WWE Stories: Champ Rules Out Return Roman Reigns Comeback Plan, Randy Orton Sighting
WWE Stories: Champ Rules Out Return Roman Reigns Comeback Plan, Randy Orton Sighting © WWE/YouTube

Welcome to today's installment of WWE News Roundup, your source for the latest developments in the world of Sports Entertainment. In this edition, we delve into the whereabouts of former WWE Champion Kevin Nash, the much-anticipated return of Roman Reigns, and the intriguing appearance of Randy Orton.

Roman Reigns' Return Strategy

The enigmatic Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, has been conspicuously absent from WWE television since the post-SummerSlam episode of SmackDown, where he fell victim to a devastating Super Kick from Jey Uso.

During his absence, significant developments have unfolded within The Bloodline, with Jey Uso making the move to RAW and Jimmy Uso rejoining the faction despite previous dissent. The question on everyone's mind is when will Roman Reigns make his triumphant return? The answer lies in the forthcoming SmackDown episode following Fastlane 2023, slated for a comeback after a 63-day hiatus.

The last glimpse of Reigns we had was on August 11, 2023, when he suffered a ruthless assault at the hands of his cousin, Jey Uso. Fans will have to wait a bit longer, as Reigns is not scheduled to appear at Fastlane, where Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso are set to take on the formidable duo of John Cena and a mystery partner.

Reigns' return is expected to set the stage for a potentially explosive showdown at Crown Jewel 2023, possibly marking the initiation of a rumored rivalry with LA Knight.

Kevin Nash Rejects In-Ring Return Speculations

In recent discussions, Kevin Nash raised eyebrows when he playfully hinted at entering the Royal Rumble match with the intent of confronting CM Punk should the latter make a WWE comeback.

However, Nash has set the record straight during a recent episode of his Kliq THIS podcast. The former World Champion clarified that his remarks were made in jest and assured fans that he has no intentions of making a return to in-ring competition.

Addressing the matter, Nash stated, "Woke up the next day, minimal soreness... you know. I'm sorry, I'm putting some size back on. It's just like... I promise you man, all I want to do is go to the gym and I'm not looking to... I'm just not, I mean...

I'm not looking to get in the ring." Nash's last solo match in WWE occurred at the TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2011 Premium Live Event, where he faced his close friend Triple H in a Sledgehammer Ladder match and was defeated.

Though he also participated in the Royal Rumble match in 2014, Nash has firmly quashed any in-ring comeback speculations.

Randy Orton's Surprise Appearance

Randy Orton, a seasoned WWE veteran, recently made a public appearance that has ignited speculation about his potential return to the squared circle.

While attending a high school volleyball game, Orton caught the attention of young participants who were eager to impress The Viper. In an exhilarating display of enthusiasm, three participants executed Orton's signature RKO move, culminating in a successful pinfall.

Orton has been conspicuously absent from WWE since his dramatic takedown by The Bloodline last year. His recent sighting at the WWE Performance Center has fueled rumors of a potential in-ring comeback. While concrete evidence remains elusive, fervent fans hold out hope for the return of the former WWE Champion, eagerly awaiting the moment when The Apex Predator strikes again.

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