Bully Ray Rates Tegan Nox's WWE Raw Debut


Bully Ray Rates Tegan Nox's WWE Raw Debut
Bully Ray Rates Tegan Nox's WWE Raw Debut © IMPACT Wrestling/YouTube

In the latest episode of "WWE Raw," Tegan Nox made not one, not two, but three impactful appearances, as she embarked on a quest to earn herself a coveted opportunity at the "NXT" Women's Championship. These developments took an intriguing turn when she crossed paths with the reigning champion, Becky Lynch, backstage.

Subsequently, Nox ventured to WWE official Adam Pearce, aiming to persuade him to grant her a future title match. However, the plot thickened as Natalya entered the scene, making her own case to Pearce for a championship opportunity.

In light of these developments, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, renowned for his astute wrestling analysis, offered his insights on this segment.

Bully Ray's Analysis

Bully Ray dissected the backstage encounter, highlighting the distinct approaches of both Nox and Natalya.

He noted that Natalya's pitch seemed somewhat predictable, following the often-treaded path of stating her long-standing presence and credibility within the WWE. Conversely, Ray commended Tegan Nox for her demeanor in the backstage interactions, emphasizing the refreshing approach she brought to the table.

Ray praised WWE's decision to develop its characters, including Nox, and expressed his approval of how Nox conducted herself in these pivotal moments. Tegan Nox, who might have been simply thrown into the mix a few years ago without much thought, demonstrated a more calculated and strategic approach in her backstage segments with both Becky Lynch and Natalya.

This, in Ray's estimation, translated to "good stuff" for her character and the storyline as a whole. Nox's journey reached a significant milestone when she secured a victory over Natalya, positioning herself as the number one contender for the "NXT" Women's Championship.

The outcome of her upcoming championship bout hinges on the result of the highly anticipated clash between Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton at "NXT" No Mercy, scheduled for September 30. The stage is set for an exciting turn of events in the world of WWE, with Tegan Nox emerging as a compelling contender, ready to seize the opportunity and etch her name in the annals of women's wrestling history.

As the dust settles, fans eagerly await the outcome of the impending championship showdown and the potential clash between Nox and the victor.

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