Booker T Praises AEW Star as 'Most Underrated Wrestler Ever'


Booker T Praises AEW Star as 'Most Underrated Wrestler Ever'

In a momentous turn of events during the latest episode of "AEW Collision" this past Saturday, a new TNT Champion was crowned. This triumphant victory went to none other than Christian Cage, a seasoned veteran with 28 years in the wrestling industry.

The achievement was met with resounding applause, but perhaps the most notable commendation came from WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who bestowed upon Christian the title of the most underrated wrestler in the entire history of professional wrestling.

Booker T, known for his storied career and insightful commentary, shared his thoughts on Christian's remarkable achievement during a recent episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast. He expressed his deep admiration for Christian's talent and dedication to the craft, remarking, "It's huge for Christian to be that guy because I always said Christian was the most underrated superstar in the history of the business.

I've always said that. He's always been extraordinarily good."

Christian's In-Ring Mastery

The veteran wrestler-turned-commentator went on to highlight Christian's reliability in the ring, emphasizing his ability to make the right decisions during a match.

Booker T recounted their time together in WWE and the trust he had in Christian as a fellow performer. "I would tell Christian, 'Bro, just let me know what I'm doing tonight,' and he would let me know exactly when I was going to do the side kick, the scissor kick, and the Spinaroonie.

It would be perfect timing, and I would ask no questions. Sometimes you gotta know how to just be quiet and let someone else do the work for you and you take the credit. That's the guy that we're talking about as far as Christian Cage," Booker T shared.

With his newly minted TNT Championship in hand, Christian Cage is poised for his next challenge. He is scheduled to defend his title against Darby Allin in a two out of three falls match at AEW WrestleDream, slated for October 1.

This upcoming clash promises to be a spectacular showdown between two exceptionally talented wrestlers. For those looking to reference this compelling endorsement from Booker T, please credit "The Hall of Fame," with a h/t to Wrestling Inc.

for the transcription. As Christian Cage continues to make waves in AEW, his status as one of wrestling's most underrated legends is garnering well-deserved recognition.

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