Becky Lynch Slams WWE Creative Call

Becky Lynch opens up on missed SummerSlam opportunity.

by Atia Mukhtar
Becky Lynch Slams WWE Creative Call
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In an unexpected twist of events, NXT Women's Champion, Becky Lynch, has voiced her dissatisfaction over WWE's decision to omit her highly-anticipated showdown with Trish Stratus from the SummerSlam card. Their tension reached a boiling point at WrestleMania 39 when, after securing a victory against Damage CTRL alongside Lita in a six-woman tag match, the Diva of the Decade made a startling move.

Betraying her own teammates, Stratus aggressively confronted Lita backstage and later, in a jaw-dropping moment, attacked Lynch, causing them the Women’s Tag Team Titles. The subsequent months saw the intensification of the rivalry between Lynch and Stratus.

The Hall of Famer even managed to clinch a win against "The Man" at the Night of Champions event. Despite rumors of an imminent rematch at SummerSlam, fans were left disappointed when the match was excluded from the event's lineup.

This decision didn't sit well with Lynch. However, instead of harboring resentment, she heeded advice from WWE's Chief Content Officer, Triple H, who emphasized the significance of turning adversity into opportunity. As a result, Lynch and Stratus showcased their wrestling prowess in a steel cage match at Payback, and the performance was nothing short of spectacular.

Lynch Addresses Oversight

Discussing the SummerSlam oversight in a candid interview with the New York Post, Lynch opined, "Both Trish and I felt the slight. The company should've made our match a priority at SummerSlam. While I'm grateful for our moment at Payback, it's crucial to maximize opportunities.

Sometimes, though, you've got to make the best with what you're handed." Separately, Lynch hinted at a potential face-off with Jade Cargill, stating she's ready to "kick Jade Cargill's a**" in the WWE ring. Appreciation for the Payback cage match wasn't limited to fans.

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long lauded the duo's performance on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Time Machine podcast. "Their bout was extraordinary. I knew they'd deliver, but that match surpassed all expectations. They truly stole the limelight," Long commented.

Clearly, while the WWE's decision may have initially disappointed many, the outcome at Payback and the ensuing conversations have proven that both Lynch and Stratus are at the pinnacle of women's wrestling.

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