Kenny Omega Speaks Out Following Jade Cargill's Transition from AEW to WWE


Kenny Omega Speaks Out Following Jade Cargill's Transition from AEW to WWE
Kenny Omega Speaks Out Following Jade Cargill's Transition from AEW to WWE © WhatCulture Wrestling/YouTube

Kenny Omega, one of the most recognizable figures in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared his thoughts about Jade Cargill's transition from AEW to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). As the Executive Vice President of AEW, Omega's voice carries considerable weight, and he used this platform on X, previously known as Twitter, to address a vocal segment of the fan base.

He described some reactions to Cargill's move as "embarrassing and shameful," emphasizing professional wrestlers' unity and camaraderie. He wrote, "It might surprise many, but within our industry when a talent moves from one promotion to another, it's customary for us to rally behind them and wish them every success in their new venture.

It's about genuine support."

AEW-WWE Talent Transitions

Jade Cargill's move marks the second high-profile transition from AEW to WWE, with Cody Rhodes being the first. Since AEW's inception in 2019, it's interesting that they have also welcomed numerous stars who previously graced WWE's roster.

Fans, especially those of leading U.S. promotions like AEW and WWE, can sometimes exhibit fierce loyalty, viewing such transitions as a score in an ongoing battle between the brands. This tribalistic approach by some fans was evident in their reactions to Cargill's move, viewing it as a triumph over AEW.

However, Cargill and AEW's President, Tony Khan, have been transparent about the amicable nature of her departure, a sentiment echoed by Omega's comments. He underscored the necessity of understanding and respect within the industry and reminded fans of the bigger picture.

Upon her official announcement with WWE, the organization did not hold back in heralding her arrival. Rumours had been circulating earlier in the month about her impending move, and WWE's grand welcome put all speculations to rest.

The Chief Creative Officer of WWE, Triple H, was at the forefront of the welcome brigade, signifying the importance of her addition to the company. Throughout the night, her introduction was a central theme, underlining WWE's expectations and the excitement surrounding Cargill's new journey.

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