WWE Celebrity Cited by Jade Cargill as Major Incentive for Her Promotion Decision

Cody Rhodes' influence spans across wrestling promotions and talents.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Celebrity Cited by Jade Cargill as Major Incentive for Her Promotion Decision
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In a significant development from the world of professional wrestling, Jade Cargill, once a shining star of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has entered into a multi-year agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This move, as reported by ESPN, has a significant link to the presence of Cody Rhodes in WWE.

Cargill's profound respect for Rhodes was evident as she spoke about him, "Among my top reasons for joining WWE, Cody occupies a prime spot. Not only is he an exceptional wrestler, but he is also an outstanding father. His honesty, even when brutal, is something I've always admired.

Cody has always been transparent, trusting the process and system he operates. His guidance enriched my early days in AEW; he offered me sincere insight into the intricate workings of the industry. I owe him immense gratitude and am committed to ensuring that my performance in WWE justifies his faith in me."

Rhodes' WWE Mentorship Legacy

Rhodes has often emphasised his significant role in talent acquisition and nurturing young aspirants, preparing them for the unpredictable twists and turns of the wrestling world.

Cargill's recent conversation with "The Ringer" further reinforced this, highlighting Rhodes' pivotal influence in her decision to embrace WWE. Furthermore, it's worth noting that Rhodes was central in bringing Cargill to AEW in the first place back in 2020.

Cargill's journey with Rhodes dates back to memorable in-ring moments. In the iconic "AEW Dynamite: The Crossroads" episode in March 2021, Cargill, the longest-reigning AEW TBS Champion, they were teamed up with basketball titan Shaquille O'Neal, delivering a spectacular performance against Rhodes and Red Velvet.

While many others dispersed, Rhodes stayed back post-match, ensuring Cargill's well-being. Such gestures highlight the bond between the two and hint at the potential synergy we can anticipate in the WWE arena. In conclusion, as Jade Cargill embarks on this new chapter with WWE, the influence and mentorship of Cody Rhodes appear to be an undeniably powerful catalyst for her decision.

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