Roman Reigns to Shock Fans with Fastlane 2023 Appearance?


Roman Reigns to Shock Fans with Fastlane 2023 Appearance?
Roman Reigns to Shock Fans with Fastlane 2023 Appearance? © WWE/YouTube

Roman Reigns' unprecedented dominance in the WWE arena has been nothing short of remarkable. As the reigning champion takes a momentary hiatus due to his part-time schedule, the WWE universe buzzes with anticipation about his imminent return.

In Reigns' absence, a dramatic scene unfolded with John Cena and AJ Styles slated to go head-to-head with The Bloodline members, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, at the Fastlane 2023 event. Adding fuel to the fire, Styles was ambushed backstage prior to the official contract signing, leaving Cena high and dry without a tag-team counterpart.

With reports suggesting Reigns' grand re-entry set for the SmackDown following Fastlane 2023, speculations are rife. The dynamics between The Tribal Chief and The Bloodline have been anything but harmonious of late. The behind-the-scenes influence of Paul Heyman, who's been updating the WWE Champion on the Bloodline's activities, adds another layer to this intricate plot.

Reigns-Uso Rivalry Intensifies

Reigns' longstanding feud with Jimmy Uso dates back to a pivotal superkick at Night of Champions, followed by Uso's notorious intervention at SummerSlam. Such a rich history paves the way for an exciting twist, as whispers hint at Reigns possibly allying with his former adversary, John Cena.

The last three years have seen a darker, more aggressive Reigns after clinching the Universal Championship. His transformation into a relentless heel, leaving destruction in his wake, has left fans both awed and intrigued.

Jey Uso's decisions have further complicated the narrative. Recognized as Reigns' trusted confidant, Jey's sudden declaration post-SummerSlam about his exit from The Bloodline and WWE was a shocker. However, his unexpected comeback at Payback revealed his shift to the RAW roster.

While adjusting to the red brand, skepticism surrounds Jey's intent and ability to genuinely change, especially given his past deeds at Reigns' behest. Though Reigns' reign has stretched an impressive 1,122+ days as the Universal Champion, fans and experts alike ponder on his next move, especially with predictions hinting at his title continuation into the following year.

With so much unfolding, Reigns' silence on Jey's decisions and the future of the championship adds more suspense to the storyline.

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