Kevin Sullivan Doubts WWE Star; Now Calls Him All-Time Great


Kevin Sullivan Doubts WWE Star; Now Calls Him All-Time Great
Kevin Sullivan Doubts WWE Star; Now Calls Him All-Time Great © THE HANNIBAL TV/YouTube

Rey Mysterio, the iconic luchador with a storied career spanning decades, often draws comparisons to legends such as Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera. However, few recall his initial encounters with the legendary Dungeon of Doom's leader, Kevin Sullivan, during Mysterio's rise in WCW.

As a pivotal member of WCW's booking committee, Sullivan had an insider's perspective on Mysterio's journey. In a recent episode of the podcast, "Tuesday's With The Taskmaster," Sullivan candidly addressed his early perceptions of Mysterio.

He confessed that during Mysterio's formative years in WCW, he was skeptical about the young talent's potential in leading American promotions. Reflecting on Mysterio's early days, Sullivan humorously remarked, "When I first laid eyes on him, he looked no older than a fledgling chick.

Considering his height, which I estimate at around 5 feet 3 or 4 inches, his success seemed improbable."

Mysterio's Defining Victory

Sullivan went on to discuss one of Mysterio's pivotal moments - a believable victory over Kevin Nash on national television.

"It wasn't just about his win against Nash," Sullivan explained. "It's about the credibility he brought to his craft, the years he committed to WWF/E, and the undying star power he still retains." He continued to lavish praise, underscoring how underappreciated Mysterio is, "He is a marvel in the wrestling world.

And while it was Konnan who introduced him to me, my initial skepticism quickly faded." Highlighting Mysterio's enduring influence, Sullivan pointed to the younger Mysterio, saying, "When I first encountered him, he couldn't have been more than 70 pounds.

Fast forward to today, and he's emerged as one of the most riveting heels in the business." Marking 1999 as the year Mysterio toppled Nash, fans and historians alike earmark it as just one among countless accolades in his Hall of Fame-worthy career.

This tale serves as a testament to Mysterio's indomitable spirit and a reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

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