Maxxine Dupri Three-Word RAW Message to WWE Star


Maxxine Dupri Three-Word RAW Message to WWE Star
Maxxine Dupri Three-Word RAW Message to WWE Star © WWE Womens Division 4EVER/YouTube

Following the thrilling aftermath of this week's WWE RAW, there's a whirlwind of conversations around Maxxine Dupri, who left fans buzzing with her intriguing three-word message to a yet-unnamed male WWE Superstar. The context? A high-octane match where Bronson Reed triumphed over Otis, thanks to his devastating Tsunami Splash.

Otis, determined to avenge his fellow wrestler Chad Gable - who suffered a crushing defeat against Reed in a one-on-one match on September 18th - showcased commendable effort on Monday night. Nonetheless, Reed's prowess in the ring proved insurmountable.

Maxxine's Dynamic Journey

Many wrestling enthusiasts might recall Maxxine's debut as the sister of Max Dupri in the Maximum Male Models faction. This memorable appearance unfolded on the July 22, 2022, episode of SmackDown.

Max, now rebranded as LA Knight, has seen his trajectory change. Following the release of Mace and Mansoor from Maximum Male Models on September 21, Maxxine found a new alliance with the Alpha Academy on WWE RAW. As the dust settled post RAW, a resilient Otis remained spirited, sharing an exuberant Instagram post where he is seen dancing.

But all eyes were on Maxxine, who has been vocal about her new associations, especially with the Alpha Academy. During a candid interview with Die Woche earlier this year, Maxxine heaped praises on Otis. "Otis is an embodiment of the 'it' factor," she commented.

Highlighting his evident star potential, she passionately remarked, "With our collective efforts, I foresee him ascending to unparalleled heights in WWE. The magnetism he possesses, notably with his signature move [the Caterpillar], is unmistakable.

Our collaboration will undoubtedly steer him towards greater success and championships." It's worth noting that Maxxine, despite her impactful debut match against Valhalla on the July 31st WWE RAW episode, hasn't returned to the ring since.

The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation about when the 26-year-old sensation will grace the squared circle next. As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await her next move.

Maxxine Dupri Raw

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