Alexis Gray Finds WWE Release 'Puzzling'

Alexis Gray reflects on abrupt WWE exit's impact.

by Atia Mukhtar
Alexis Gray Finds WWE Release 'Puzzling'
© Alexis Gray/YouTube

In the recent wave of roster cuts by WWE, several high-profile names like Mustafa Ali and Dolph Ziggler have dominated headlines. However, numerous developmental talents also experienced the sudden career shift. Among them was Alexis Gray, the former track star, whose recent conversation with "WrestlingNewsCo" shed light on her feelings and thoughts during this tumultuous period.

"Truth be told, many of us in the developmental stages were wary," Alexis shared. "Despite being relatively new, I'd hoped that my position would remain secure. The idea of being laid off hovered in my thoughts, but I pushed it aside, trusting my journey with WWE.

When I received that call, it left me stunned. Just as I felt I was piecing together the WWE puzzle, understanding the dynamics and expectations, the rug was pulled from beneath me. It was overwhelming."

Gray's Unwavering Resolve

For Alexis, the sudden departure hasn't deterred her passion or commitment to wrestling.

Instead, it's fuelled her resolve. "It's like being thrown into an unfamiliar territory," she mused. "It's daunting, yet simultaneously exciting. I felt like I was on the verge of a new chapter, and the vibes were right. Nothing — not a single instinct — signals me to back down now.

And while WWE's platform is undeniably massive, I firmly believe it's not the sole determinant of one's success in the wrestling world." Gray added with conviction, "I wasn't just another wrestler aiming for personal glory in WWE.

I had a vision of contributing something unique, something that would've added value to the company." As the wrestling community continues to buzz about the recent layoffs, one thing is clear: Alexis Gray's journey in the wrestling industry is far from over.

While the road ahead might be uncertain, her determination and belief in her own prowess promise to make it an exciting one to watch.