25-Year Old WWE Star's Spear Surpasses Roman Reigns, Fans Claim


25-Year Old WWE Star's Spear Surpasses Roman Reigns, Fans Claim
25-Year Old WWE Star's Spear Surpasses Roman Reigns, Fans Claim © WWE/YouTube

In the ever-evolving world of WWE, Roman Reigns currently reigns supreme, standing tall on the grandest pedestal. However, while his status is uncontested, there's a brewing debate among fans regarding his finishing move—the spear.

The iconic move, renowned for its devastating impact, has found itself under scrutiny. Surprisingly, NXT sensation Bron Breakker is being touted by many as having a superior spear. This debate was ignited when WWEonFox's official account raised the question: "Who has the better spear—Reigns or Breakker?" Fans didn't waste a second to jump in and voice their opinions.

The majority seemed to lean in favor of Breakker's version, with some sounding incredibly certain in their judgment. It's hard to overlook Roman's unparalleled success. He's been the Universal Champion for an impressive span of over three years, essentially cementing his position at the top of WWE's hierarchy.

His reign has been dominant, to say the least. Yet, the rise of new superstars ensures that the landscape of WWE remains dynamic.

Breakker's NXT Dominance

Bron Breakker, with his recent exploits in NXT, is a testament to this.

Following the rebranding of NXT, WWE seems to be heavily vested in the 25-year-old sensation. His ruthless onslaughts in the ring have made him one of the most formidable competitors in the NXT realm. And being a second-generation WWE superstar only magnifies his achievements.

Within a short span, Breakker has skyrocketed to becoming the most awaited entrant to the main roster. Concurrently, the 'Tribal Chief' Roman has been fortifying his empire. With WrestleMania season approaching, he's speculated to defend his title against the likes of Cody Rhodes.

Reports indicate that Rhodes might just dethrone Reigns this spring. However, the looming showdown everyone's eagerly waiting for? Reigns vs. Breakker. With Breakker's imminent arrival to the main roster, it's almost inevitable that he will eventually lock horns with Reigns. And when these two titans clash, the real winner will be the WWE universe.

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