WWE Legend Sees Chyna-like Potential in Jade Cargill

AEW standout, Jade Cargill, takes a monumental leap to WWE.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Legend Sees Chyna-like Potential in Jade Cargill
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In recent wrestling news that has sent waves through the industry, Jade Cargill, a standout performer formerly with AEW, has officially inked a multi-year agreement with WWE. The announcement, made on September 26th, has put to rest the swirling speculation regarding Cargill's next steps in her professional wrestling journey.

With such a prominent switch, it wasn’t long before figures in the wrestling world weighed in. WWE's Becky Lynch, known for her candid takes, was quick to chime in, cautioning Cargill that joining the global juggernaut of WWE requires an elevated level of commitment and effort.

On the other side of the spectrum, AEW’s Kenny Omega offered a more collaborative perspective. While acknowledging the inherent rivalry, Omega emphasized the respect and camaraderie between promotions, stating that many in AEW are cheering for Cargill’s success in WWE.

He particularly addressed fans, urging them to steer away from an "us vs. them" mentality and instead celebrate the talent regardless of where they perform.

Bully Ray's Cargill Prediction

Bully Ray, a respected figure in the industry and WWE Hall of Famer, shared his insights on Cargill's transition during his appearance on Busted Open Radio.

He expressed unabashed optimism about her future in WWE, remarking, “Jade Cargill possesses the ‘it factor’. From her undeniable charisma to her remarkable athletic prowess, she’s got all the makings of a superstar.

WWE, undoubtedly, will harness her potential to its zenith”. Ray added, “She's akin to Chyna in terms of her potential to transcend and resonate globally. I'm genuinely eager to witness her evolution, and I sincerely hope her established identity remains intact in WWE”.

Chyna, during her legendary WWE tenure, broke numerous barriers, not only competing against male superstars but also marking her territory by being the first woman to participate in the Royal Rumble and clinching the Intercontinental Championship.

While the anticipation mounts regarding which WWE brand will be graced by Cargill's presence, she keeps the cards close to her chest. All she promises is that fans should remain glued to every episode for her unveiling. As this story unfolds and Cargill's journey in WWE begins, fans and industry insiders alike await with bated breath for what promises to be an electrifying chapter in professional wrestling.

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