Eric Bischoff Questions Fate of Latest WWE Departure


Eric Bischoff Questions Fate of Latest WWE Departure
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In a surprising turn of events on September 21st, Elias, the famed “Drifter” of WWE, was among over 20 wrestling talents to see their contracts terminated. Having been a part of WWE's colorful roster for nearly ten years, Elias had been instrumental in some memorable storylines, sharing the spotlight with industry titans like John Cena and Seth Rollins.

Yet, despite his moments in the limelight and engaging feuds, Elias never ascended to the top tier of WWE's hierarchy. His sole championship accolade remains the 24/7 Championship. Fans and pundits alike have often wondered why someone with his charisma and in-ring prowess never clinched a main event status.

Bischoff Reflects on Elias

On a recent episode of Strictly Business, industry veteran Eric Bischoff opened up about Elias' journey in WWE and the puzzling nature of his release. Bischoff, having briefly worked with Elias during his tenure in WWE, painted a picture of a wrestler deeply committed to his craft.

“I collaborated with Elias quite frequently during my time in WWE. We'd brainstorm ways to enhance his persona, discussing innovative approaches,” he recalls. “He always struck me as someone who was dedicated and immensely talented”.

The bigger question on everyone’s mind, however, is what lies ahead for Elias. With the wrestling landscape being as competitive as ever, the next move for a released star is always under intense scrutiny. Bischoff pointed out the elephant in the room - Elias' age.

“While he has always been keen on experimenting with fresh ideas, it's hard to gauge his ambition. Reaching a certain age, one must introspect whether to continue in this industry or pivot to a different avenue”.

Bischoff continued, “For younger talents, it’s common to ponder whether big names like Tony Khan would be interested or if there’s a place in promotions like IMPACT. The indie circuit too beckons with its lucrative offers.

But these choices become tougher to make when one's in their late thirties or early forties”. As the wrestling community eagerly watches, Elias' next chapter remains one of the most anticipated stories in the industry. Whether he continues to enthrall in the squared circle or ventures into new horizons, only time will tell.

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