WWE Backstage Upset Over Mustafa Ali & Dana Brooke's NXT Release


WWE Backstage Upset Over Mustafa Ali & Dana Brooke's NXT Release
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The wrestling community is buzzing with the recent releases from WWE, particularly those of Mustafa Ali and Dana Brooke from WWE NXT. It seems the shockwaves of these decisions have permeated not just among fans but also backstage.

According to insights provided by Fightful Select, numerous sources within the WWE NXT circle expressed their discontent regarding the sudden releases. The crux of their concerns centers around a perceived disconnect between WWE's flagship operations and the developmental branch, NXT.

NXT Releases Spark Confusion

Both Mustafa Ali and Dana Brooke, after having notable stints with the main roster, had taken on pivotal roles within the NXT platform. So when WWE voiced an interest in featuring main roster talents in NXT but then proceeded to let go of these two stalwarts, confusion ensued.

A particular bone of contention was the timing of Ali's release. Scheduled to face NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio at the upcoming premium live event "No Mercy," the match was a culmination of Ali's victory over Dragon Lee in a title contender's showdown.

However, with Ali's sudden exit, the spotlight has now shifted to Trick Williams, who will now challenge Mysterio. Ali's duel with Lee tragically marks his NXT curtain call. On September 21, WWE shook its roster with a slew of releases that included big names such as Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Riddle, and Elias, among others.

These unexpected moves weren't without repercussions. During a media interaction for "No Mercy," WWE legend Shawn Michaels candidly mentioned that the ousting of Ali and Brooke did necessitate "changes in plans" for NXT's future.

While Ali's departure is a significant blow, Dana Brooke's release too has its own set of ramifications. Known for her persistent quest for more in-ring action, Brooke's backstage image was one of determination. In fact, Fightful's sources indicated a general sentiment of respect for Brooke, particularly for her contributions as a former WWE 24/7 Champion.

Brooke was central to a plot alongside up-and-coming star Kelani Jordan. The latter is slated to face Blair Davenport at "No Mercy."

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