Tiffany Stratton Calls Match with 31-Year-Old WWE Star One of Her Best


Tiffany Stratton Calls Match with 31-Year-Old WWE Star One of Her Best
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In a revealing exchange with ComicBook Nation, WWE superstar Tiffany Stratton opened up about her remarkable Lights Out match against Wendy Choo from last year, describing it as a hallmark in her wrestling career. "I believe it was a Street Fight, and honestly, that was probably one of the best matches I’ve ever had," Stratton reminisced.

This insightful conversation comes just before Stratton is set to face Becky Lynch in a high-stakes Extreme Rules match at the No Mercy Premium Live Event this weekend. Lynch, famously known as 'The Man', clinched the NXT Women's Championship title from Stratton in an enthralling showdown on the September 12 episode of NXT.

This weekend's face-off promises to be a dramatic rematch that fans across the globe are eagerly anticipating.

Stratton's Branding Battle

However, Stratton's journey and brand-building in WWE hasn't been without its roadblocks.

The NXT star, often referred to as 'The Buff Barbie Doll', shed light on her aspirations to infuse her character with elements inspired by the iconic doll. "From the outset, I've always wanted to be branded as the ‘Buff Barbie Doll’.

The Barbie elements seemed like a natural fit," Stratton commented. But incorporating a global brand like Barbie wasn't as straightforward as she'd hoped. "I was informed by WWE officials that trademarking 'Barbie' wasn't feasible due to its pre-existing brand identity.

It was a bit of a setback since, during my bodybuilding days, my Snapchat stories would often feature me as the 'Buff Barbie Doll' I felt it resonated with my persona and tried to introduce it to WWE, only to be met with rejection," Stratton candidly shared.

While Stratton's ambition to be synonymous with 'Barbie' might have been thwarted, her prowess in the ring and sheer determination ensure she remains a formidable force in the world of WWE. Fans are undoubtedly on the edge of their seats to see what's next for this dynamic wrestler.

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