WWE Star Hails Dusty Rhodes as All-Time Greatest 'Big Man'


WWE Star Hails Dusty Rhodes as All-Time Greatest 'Big Man'
WWE Star Hails Dusty Rhodes as All-Time Greatest 'Big Man' © WWE/YouTube

Wrestling enthusiasts have seen their fair share of prominent "big" superstars like Big Show, Mark Henry, Yokozuna, and Andre the Giant grace the WWE arena. But in a recent interview with TNT Sports, RAW Superstar Bronson Reed made a bold statement: Dusty Rhodes tops them all as the greatest big man in wrestling history.

The name Dusty Rhodes resonates deeply within wrestling corridors. Affectionately titled "The American Dream", Rhodes was an embodiment of charisma and unparalleled in-ring skills. His illustrious journey in professional wrestling saw him clinch numerous titles, including the coveted NWA World Heavyweight Championship thrice.

Tragically, the world lost this WWE Hall of Famer in 2015.

Reed Praises Rhodes

Bronson Reed, effusive in his admiration, described Rhodes's unparalleled prowess in the squared circle. "Even though names like Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow might come to mind when discussing 'big men', for me, the epitome of the 'Big Man' is Dusty Rhodes.

Weighing over 300 lbs, the dynamism with which he performed in the ring and his sheer energy was unmatched. And who can forget his iconic promos? Until I ascend to the zenith and clinch the World Heavyweight Championship, Dusty remains number one in my book," Reed passionately shared.

Indeed, examining Rhodes's illustrious career, one might concede to Reed's sentiment. However, for Reed to genuinely eclipse "The American Dream", he might need more than just a WWE Championship under his belt. Bronson Reed is on a roll lately, racking up significant wins against formidable opponents.

Within the last fortnight, Reed trumped both members of the Alpha Academy. After a dominant performance against Chad Gable, he subsequently emerged victorious over Otis. Before this momentum, the Alpha Academy had their sights set on a rivalry with the members of Imperium, especially when Chad Gable squared off with the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Gunther.

Such triumphs are undoubtedly catapulting Reed's stature within WWE, potentially setting him on a trajectory to greatness.

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