Bobby Lashley Discusses Alliance with Street Profits in WWE


Bobby Lashley Discusses Alliance with Street Profits in WWE
Bobby Lashley Discusses Alliance with Street Profits in WWE © WWE/YouTube

"WWE SmackDown's" recent episodes have been abuzz with the unexpected collaboration between former world champ Bobby Lashley and renowned tag team duo, The Street Profits. The union, which initially promised dominance in the WWE landscape, took a swift turn when Lashley, after their shocking loss to Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar on the September 22nd episode, chastised Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins for their shortcomings.

This unexpected association has left fans speculating the motives behind it. Lashley, 47, cleared the air during his appearance on "The Bump," expressing his intentions to elevate The Street Profits. "Selecting them was strategic.

They've shown unmatched potential in WWE," Lashley emphasized. "They have tasted victory as tag team champions. But under my mentorship, their reign can be unprecedented. Attaining that pinnacle, however, demands an uncompromising commitment and unwavering drive."

Suits Over Tracksuits

In a bid to redefine The Street Profits' image and elevate their status in the WWE, Bobby Lashley unveiled a distinctive aesthetic strategy.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, previously recognized for their sporty tracksuits, now don refined, tailored suits as part of their transformation. Lashley, emphasizing the importance of this shift, stated, "Excelling isn't just about showcasing prowess in the ring.

It's equally vital to embody the star persona outside, reflecting a champion's aura in every way." The duo's revamped appearance signifies Lashley's commitment to making them undeniable frontrunners in the wrestling world.

While The Street Profits were known for their crowd-pleasing antics, pairing with Lashley has cast them in a different light, leaning more towards the heel persona. This newfound alliance hints at a significant shift in narrative for the tag team champs.

Only time will tell if Lashley's influence will propel them to greater WWE stardom or create deeper rifts in their journey.

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